All served with Skin-On Fries & Mayo Dip

All £13.50

Enjoy a Baguette for £12.50 from our Lunchtime & Early Bird Offer
Monday-Thursday 12-2.30pm / 5-6pm
Friday 12-5pm


Spicy Cajun Chicken with Sautéed Onions

Melting Mushrooms, Onions & Stilton

Tuna Mayo

North Atlantic Prawns Prawn Marie-Rose

Toasted Roast Ham & Cheese

Brie & Cranberry

Bacon & Brie

Sausage & Onion

Cajun Sautéed Mushrooms & Onions with a sprinkling of Vegan Cheese

Steak, Onion & Stilton  £16.95

(Not included in Early Bird Offer)


It is not possible for us to ever guarantee that any product is 100% free from any allergen. Our GF dishes don’t contain Gluten ingredients but we can never guarantee that there is no risk of cross contamination. Our kitchen handles all 14 Allergens including nuts and Gluten. Unfortunately we are not able to cook GF dishes in a different oven or fryer to Gluten containing products and whilst we try, we cannot wholly guarantee the use of separate utensils.

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